candle sex magic 101

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Are you ready for magic? Are you ready for a divine union? 

An intentional, powerful sexual ritual? 

Are you ready for REAL LOVE MAKING?

In this class, we will learn the basics of candle magic. A vital tool for every witch and wizard, on a divine path and for every woman and man who wish to ignite their sexual union with a deeper power and intention.

In this course, we will learn in details, The basic sex candle union ceremony and all its possibilities and potential. this ceremony will prepare you and give you an easy practice for the sex magic school teachings later on. it is an easy way to begin with sex magic and practice a divine union. 

1. you will learn how to use candles in a divine sex ritual. (or just on their own)

2.  you will also learn about the days of the week, how to align them with each candle color.

3. I will teach you about sigils, how to create them and incorporate them into your candle magic.

4. Basic magic rules, like banishing and circle, symbols and many more simple yet vital tips for a fun, easy, powerful magic. 

5. candle divination

An easy, powerful way to manifest and begin to work with magic, for those who are ready to live in their power, truth, and divinity, and create a divine union that can change the reality and manifest all you desire in the most powerful way - through our sex power. 

PLUS- 3 BONUSES-  you will receive the color list with its magical significance, a day of the week correspondence list, magical herbs for spells list and THE LOVE CANDLE SPELL. 


PART 1- introduction

PART 2-power of fire

PART 3- sigils

PART 4- preparing the space

PART 5- The Ritual- (The Sexual Union)

PART 6 -  Empowering the ritual (Ritual Tips)

PART 7- candle divination

PART 8- colors

PART 9- planetary days

PART 10- Extra 'HOT' tips

PART 11- BONUS- The Love Candle Spell

I want this!

candle sex magic 101

0 ratings
I want this!